The critics acclaim Jane in clubs and on recordings

"Invaluable musical skill...a bright clear voice with a brassy edge and a lucious, rounded vibrato. Meticulous phrasing, a sultry lower register...and she swings!".
- Stephen Holden, New York Times

- Marc Myers,  JazzWax

"It's remarkable how much Jane Scheckter can sound like Rosemary Clooney-not only in terms of tone and phrasing, but also stylistically, closely echoing Clooney's unmistakable warmth and sincerity...." read more
-Christopher Loudon - JazzTimes

"Scheckter may well be the female Rodney Dangerfield of jazz singers. This veteran vocalist moves effortlessly from singer to story teller. An easy melodic feel and keen lyrical phrasing allows Scheckter to not just deliver a good jazz tune, she gift wraps it with a pretty bow. Scheckter's warm full bodied voice with a clear and open tone and just a hint of a smokey finish is first rate for this release." read more
- Critical Jazz

"A precise, positive, pure-toned voice. Her easy, offhand delivery gives a sparkle to such gems as Cole Porter's 'You're Sensational'".
- John S. Wilson, New York Times

"Easy to Remember is so easy to remember, and so is jazz-cabaret vocalist JANE SCHECKTER, she displays a wonderful sense of color and texture throughout and has a delivery in her singing that evokes a sense that she is standing in your living room entertaining you." read more
- Laura Hull - Jersey Jazz Review

"Jane Scheckter comes at jazz from wild angles..." read more
Mary Kunz Goldman

"I totally enjoyed ("In Times Like These"). Your singing was very moving to me because you sing the songs with soulful simplicity and deep connection to the lyric. I also feel caressed by the sound of your voice. The choice of songs is impeccable and the band is the best !"
- Michael Feinstein

 "... sung with the artistry of a real pro. The essence of a great jazz singer is the ability to take a song and make it your own—bend a note here, work out some innovative phrasing, and play with the tonality and the rhythm. Scheckter knows her business. Well known or obscure, she takes these songs and puts her stamp on them." read more
- Jack Goldson, BlogCritic

" Great CD, beautifully performed, sensitive arrangements,impeccable choice of material"
- Rex Reed

"Knows how to make the most of standards with genuine style and panache. Scheckter's voice is warm and vibrant and her feeling for the subtlest moods of the lyrics is so compelling. Beautifully alive!"
- Stereo Review

"Scheckter is blessed with a clear, precise and flirtatious instrument. Her phrasing is full of Subtlety. Timeless stuff!"
- Jazziz

"One of those golden-throated singers who sounds like a living dream. Scheckter has a style and feel all her own. Wonderful to listen to!"
- Backstage Magazine

"A brilliant star! She sails through the standards."
- New York Daily News

"A vocalist who brings understated joy to the standards. Altogether winning!"
- New York Post

"She chooses a broad repertoire upon which to apply her Ella-styled artistry."
- Downbeat

"She's got great style, great charts – and boy, does she have her standards!"
- Barry Manilow

" Slightly more jazzy than Sandy Stewart, yet somewhat less so than Carol Sloane, Jane Scheckter's deep, warm contralto and engaging style takes her near the orbit of those two leading ladies of the essential American songbook. In this thesis on the notion of the songwriter as astrologer, Ms. Scheckter lets us into her celestial home to illuminate how Tin Pan Alley used the cosmos as a barometer of romantic possibilities, and how all the iconic composers took us up a stairway to the stars to see what was written there..."
Wall Street Journal - Will Friedwald